What To Expect After Dental Bone Graft?

what to expect after dental bone graft

Before getting a dental implant you might need a bone graft. What to expect after dental bone graft and its healing process? A dental bone graft is a surgical procedure that rebuilds or repair bones by transplantation of bone tissue. Schedule an appointment today at BID’s clinic in Castle Hill if you want to know what to expect after a dental bone graft.


Dental bone graft

What to expect after dental bone graft? Before we enumerate the expectations after the procedure, let us first see a dental bone graft. A dental bone graft is a surgical procedure done to a patient when there are insufficient natural healthy bones in the patient’s mouth to support the dental implants. It is a procedure designed to rebuild or repair your bones by transplanting bone tissue that is missing. There are several methods dental bone grafting methods can be done, but the basic process is all the same. Your oral surgeon or dentist makes an incision on your jaw and grafts or attaches other bone to your jaw.

what to expect after dental bone graft

This deficiency or lack of natural bones can be caused by these following factors.

As for the healing process patients are usually required to recover 6 months before proceeding to placing dental implants.



Several ways can do a dental bone graft, and here are the methods that your oral surgeon or dentist can recommend and perform to you.

  • The allograft is a grafting method that uses the bone from a different person, typically a cadaver.
  • An autograft is a method that involves the usage of bone from your own body, like from your jaw or hip.
  • The alloplasts is a technique that deals with synthetic material like calcium sodium phosphosilicate or calcium phosphate.
  • Xenografts are one grafting method that involves bone usage from another species like a pig, cow or coral.


After the dental bone graft

After discussing what dental bone graft is, let us discuss what to expect after a dental bone graft. Here are some of the things that you can expect after the dental bone graft and before you do a dental implant.

  • You will feel some pain and discomfort after the treatment. The dental bone graft is not a pain-free procedure. Your oral surgeon or dentist may warn you that after the dental bone graft, you can expect to feel a little discomfort or pain. For some patients that had already undergone this procedure, they say that it is a bearable phase. And that the pain you will feel is like after you went through a tooth extraction. Your dentist may prescribe you anti-inflammatory drugs to manage the pain and discomfort you felt after the surgery. An ice pack can also help relieve the pain and discomfort you felt.what to expect after dental bone graft


  • After the dental bone graft procedure, you can expect temporary dietary changes. For a few days, you may do selective eating after the procedure. The amount of food intake you need depends on the extent of bone grafting done to you. Some were advised by their dentist to consume fluids like juices, smoothies or soups. If the extent of the procedure is not significant, then you can take to eat scrambled eggs, pudding, pureed fruit, oatmeal and mashed potatoes. And in both cases, you will need to avoid eating crunchy, hard and sharp food, such as nuts or fried chicken.


  • What to expect after dental bone graft? You may expect swelling in the area where the procedure was done. An ice pack on the affected area is one of the ways you can reduce the swelling. Frequent intervals of icing, for at least two to three days after the surgery. It is to prevent a blood influx, which is common after gum tissues’ surgery. Also, an ice pack increases the healing process.


  • You can expect changes in sleeping position after the dental bone graft. Your oral surgeon or dentist will advise you to sleep on your back with your head elevated on pillows as this will help in blood influx to the side that was treated. You will also be advised by your oral surgeon or dentist not to sleep on the side where the treatment was performed. And this will help with your healing process and prevent dental implants problems.

bone graft for implants

  • For an effective healing process, you will expect to reduce the physical activity after the surgery. Your dentist will advise you to avoid physical activities or exercises that are strenuous in nature. You will not play sports like wrestling, football, boxing, running or any physically demanding sports. For after a few days of recovery, you will be able to return to your normal routine. And if you feel that your condition has not improved, you may visit your dentist for help.

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