How Long Does Dental Bone Graft Pain Last? 6 Risks For Bone Grafting

A woman asking her dentist how long does dental bone graft pain last.

How long does dental bone graft pain last? Additionally, why would you need to undergo this procedure in the first place? Aside from that, do you have any idea about the risks associated with it? If you don’t, then it would be best for you to read this article. Furthermore, dentists from the Infinity Dental Care team are experienced in oral surgeries. They can also help you understand what bone grafting is for your dental treatment.

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Corrective Jaw Surgery: What Should You Know About It?

Orthognathic surgery is th eother term for corrective jaw surgery.

Corrective jaw surgery can either take place in your upper or lower jaw and can be both. It will depend on the condition of that patient who has to undergo the procedure. Another term for corrective jaw surgery is orthognathic surgery. However, how would you know if you need this surgery? What are the details that you have to know about it? On the other hand, can an implant help you restore your facial structures? You can get dental implants if you want a tooth replacement that acts like a natural one.

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Jaw Surgery And Braces: Check Out How They Perfectly Work Together

A dentist explaining to her patient about jaw surgery and braces.

Jaw surgery and braces often work together if a person is experiencing jaw problems. Well, in some cases, braces alone will do. However, there are still jaw problems that orthodontic treatment can’t correct alone. A maxillofacial surgeon may require their patient to wear braces before and after the corrective jaw surgery. In some cases, before the orthodontist can fit your braces to your teeth, you might need to undergo surgery first.

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Braces For Teens: Why Is It Necessary For Your Child?

schoolgirl with braces

Teens are the most common patients in orthodontics. Mainly because during this stage, they are most likely ready for a dental appliance. Braces for teens are ideal treatment as this period allows their teeth to grow and develop faster. This means that it’s easier for dentists to fix the teeth and smile of teenagers than adults. Braces come in different varieties, you may even choose clear braces for teens for subtlety.

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What Are The Bone Graft Dental Side Effects That You Need To Know

patient and dental specialists

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure in repairing and rebuilding damaged bones with the use of transplanted bone. The bone can be taken from any part of the body such as the hips, ribs, and legs. In dentistry, bone grafting is the process of increasing the bone mass in the jaw before dental implant surgery. Unfortunately, there are possible bone graft dental side effects that might concern you. Read more here and find out the complications of this procedure.

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