What Is The Most Attractive Face Shape? (Can Surgery Help?)

What Is The Most Attractive Face Shape

Beauty standards change each year, as many people can judge beauty according to their own perceptions. Medical and dental technology, such as orthopedics, provided services to change face shapes easily. Hence, the rise of plastic and facial cosmetic surgery emerged due to the demand for contouring and asymmetric face shape. You may ask, is there a perfect face or nose? Read at www.rhinoplastysydneycost.com.au/perfect-nose-shape for more details. Cosmetic surgery is the typical option for both men and women to change their look permanently. Yet, there are many factors in consideration to know which is the most attractive face shape in the world. 


What Is The Most Attractive Face Shape?

Many types of faces may be similar or familiar today. Some are oval shaped, while other people may have round or pear shaped features. According to cosmetic and plastic surgeons, the V shape face is the golden ratio for the most attractive face shape. An individual with a V shape has a jawline that looks like the letter V. This formation creates a heart shape from head to the pointy chin. A V line also consists of the other factors that you may read in this article.


Which Facial Features Are Prominent For Beauty Standards?

What Is The Most Attractive Face Shape? (Orthopedics As A Treatment)

The ultimate look for proportional characteristics depends on the symmetry, position, and prominence. Is there a perfect face and nose shape? Is the length of hair important? Generally, the type of face shapes can determine the outcome of other parts of the body. Regardless of perceptions in an attractive face, character traits, manners, and personality are still what most people globally see as the beauty factors to consider.  


  • Nose And Forehead

The forehead is one of the prominent features when it comes to a person’s face. With the ideal form of the forehead, the nose follows. Male noses tend to be mid-length to big, while females have small or slim noses. 


  • Eyes and eye shape

Men and women have their eye color preferences, but blue eyes are the most beautiful for them. The eye shape should also be larger and oval-formed with straight eyebrows for masculine. On the contrary, almond and curved eye formation are ideal for the feminine structure. 


  • Chin

An oval face can create a pointy chin but has a wider angle than a chubby, round face. However, many countries from European or Middle Eastern prefer wider, or equal width with their cheeks and jaws. Men and women sometimes use makeup to replicate a natural-looking wider or slimmer chin.


  • Jaw

A narrow jawline is flawless for females, and square to oval shape is ideal for males. Jaw contouring is one of the options that patients may have to create chiselled jaws. 


  • Lips

For men, slim lips are great, but women prefer to have full lips, as seen in celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman. Lips also have orthopedic procedures done by an ENT (Eyes, Nose, Throat) or oral and maxillofacial surgeon.


  • Cheekbones

Hard cheekbones are ideal for men who want to appear sharp and full. For women, it is ideal to have softer accentuation, which becomes either round or high. The maturity of cheekbones happens around an adult at the age of 15 or older. 


Which Orthopedics Treatments Change Face Shape?

As a person grows from childhood to adulthood, the upper and lower mandible stops in development. Dentofacial orthopedics is one of the branches in dentistry that involve both medical and dental techniques to configure a person’s oral and maxillofacial area. Dentofacial orthopedists can do surgical procedures in enhancing a person’s structure to become more beautiful. As with many surgical procedures, changing facial features can lead to risks. Dental diseases can infect and disrupt routine tasks, such as eating or breathing. Some health care problems are sleep apnea (snoring), teeth grinding (bruxism), and sleep disorders. Schedule an appointment with a professional before undergoing this treatment.


Other Surgery Procedures To Change The Face

Not satisfied with this procedure? You may want to know more options that you can ask your cosmetic clinic. However, it is vital to check if the clinic or facility has the right tools and equipment for a specific cosmetic surgery. Not all doctors and cosmetic surgeons have the same training and knowledge about the nose or the forehead. You may ask your family member or a friend to recommend you a center to have your initial consultation. Here are some procedures you may want to check the next time you visit a cosmetic clinic.

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Face Reduction/Augmentation
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Jaw Thinning
  • Eye Surgery


Does Attractiveness Vary Between Female And Male Face Shape?

What Is The Most Attractive Face Shape Standards

In determining the ideal face shape of a person, it can even be more confusing if you compare the perception of a man and a woman. Moreover, the relative idea of beauty depends on how the person sees beauty in his or her eyes. Differences in emotions, social upbringing, cultural standards, and influence of media can affect a person’s attractive face shape. Many critics may base their list of the most attractive men and women according to research. TC Candler, a long time running independent beauty critic, lists Jeon Jungkook, from the Korean group BTS, and Chou Tzuyu, a Taiwanese singer from the group TWICE, both based in South Korea, as the most handsome and beautiful faces without plastic surgery. Other critics use science as a justification for their list, which puts Bella Hadid as the most attractive woman in the world. 


Is There A Risk In Facial Cosmetic Or Plastic Surgery?

Sometimes, there are results that patients don’t expect to be the outcome. Many challenges and risks are still present in today’s modern technology for facial reconstruction. Cosmetic skincare and plastic surgery techniques all depend on the experience and training of your preferred doctor. If you are considering changing your face to the most attractive face shape, make sure that you are consulting a board-certified surgeon with years of education, workshops, training, and experience. Reputable surgeons mostly have their private clinics rather than being a resident doctor at a hospital. 

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