How To Tell If A Bone Is Broken (Symptoms, Causes, And Risks)

How To Tell If A Bone Is Broken Symptoms Causes And Risks

Bones are strong and support the whole body for numerous activities every day. Sometimes, kids and young adults may experience unexpected bicycle injuries from their activity. This accident may lead to swelling after breaking the bone from falling after the crash. Patients with broken bones must prepare for any circumstance that their fractures may lead to other risk factors. It is crucial for anyone to wear protective gear while climbing, biking, or doing any physical movements that exert too much effort. If you’re in a situation where you don’t know how to tell if a bone is broken, visit the emergency room of a hospital or clinic. 


What Causes Broken Bones?

Aside from the fact that fractures can happen due to unexpected accidents and injuries, our body may be prone to having a bone loss. Medical and dental problems that include bone issues may also lead to broken bones. Some are tooth loss, hip fracture, dislocated joints, and other similar bone problems. However, what causes broken bones? An athlete may experience broken bones by overusing their injured muscles and tearing the muscle tissues. Since it is possible for people to continue their favorite physical activities after recovery, some of the healed injuries can revert. It is crucial for anyone who’s an enthusiast of bodybuilding, mountain climbing, or anything similar to visit an orthopedic or a physical therapist to avoid further health complications. 


The Problem Of Bone Diseases And Disorders

There are more causes of broken bones and fractures that can have fatal consequences. One of which is the issue of bone diseases and disorders. Some individuals may not be aware, but everyone can acquire these health concerns. Kids may acquire these diseases through congenital disabilities or hereditary genes. However, adults, especially women, may get bone loss due to their hormones. Here are other examples that your bone doctor can determine from an initial checkup.


  • Osteoporosis  

How To Tell If A Bone Is Broken Osteoporosis

This disease involves the loss of density and quality of the bone. Coming from the word, porous, Osteoporosis makes the bone fragile and easy to break. Having this bone disease is dangerous because it is silent and progressive, meaning it has no visible symptoms. Generally, women are more susceptible to having Osteoporosis due to the drop in estrogen levels after the menopause stage. Estrogen is a hormone that controls the bone density, and postmenopausal women may not reproduce the same amount needed in the body. 


  • Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is another degenerative disease that starts from the cells due to various causes. Most bone cancers have different stages and can either be benign or malignant. Advance bone cancer cells can also affect tissues in the body that can show constant fracture problems in a person. Surgery may be the only treatment for now that can aid in the healing of this disease.


What Are The Symptoms Of A Broken Bone?

A broken leg, wrist, toe, ankle, or foot can get a sprain due to a fall or a missed step. Anyone needs to know the signs of broken body parts. If you’re not sure how to tell if a bone is broken, you must know both the visible and nonvisible symptoms. Usually, a person can experience fever in the first few minutes of having fractures in their bones. 



A sprained joint may also not be visible, but once it swells, you can know how to tell if a bone is broken. Additionally, a dog bite may be a massive problem for a person with a fractured wrist or ankle. Mainly, a fracture can cause swelling, which may be difficult to treat due to rabies. Any type of fracture needs assessment from a professional doctor.


Intense Pain

A leg or foot that broke or become sprained can have a fracture in just a matter of seconds. Intense pain can be common, primarily if the fracture is spread out. The severity of the pain may increase due to the pressure made by the injury over time. 


Tingling And Bone Numbness

An invisible fracture in the body can be detected not only through the pain but also by the tingling and numb sensation common for anyone whose arm or hand got jammed. It is only through an X – ray that a person can identify if there is a fracture. 



A visible fractured bone can show deformity or misalignment from the skin and the supporting ligament or joint. People may have If you are facing an emergency as indicated in these signs, visit your local hospital or bone specialist right away. 


Quick Facts: Risk Factors For A Broken Bone

How To Tell If A Bone Is Broken Orthopedics

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Previous Fractures
  • Medications That Cause Bone Loss


Can An Orthopedic Specialist Help Me?

Orthopedics is a specialty in medicine that can give treatment for people whose toe got a fracture or ankle that had an injury. However, it must be a specialized doctor to analyze your foot through radiograph tests to see which areas break after an accident. If you see any bruising from your face, nose, or somewhere else, contact a doctor as soon as you can.

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