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We have several ways to replace our missing teeth. Dental clinics have been offering quality services to meet our dental needs. If you are looking for available dentures in a day, go to this link.


What are dentures?

A denture is a removable replacement specially made for missing teeth and its surrounding tissues. Two types of dentures are available, the complete dentures and the partial dentures.

denture available for youA complete denture can either be conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures will be available for placement after about eight to 12 weeks from the date of teeth removal. They will also place the denture ensured that the gum tissue has begun to heal. On the other hand, let us first discuss what partial dentures are before we proceed with the other type of complete denture.

A partial denture is a plate containing one or more false teeth on it. A partial denture is a combination of metal and acrylic that adds up to its strength. However, there are some partial dentures made entirely of acrylic.


Immediate denture

On the other hand, an immediate denture is readily available because dentists made it in advance. They can position the denture right away after they remove the teeth of the patient. In this case, the patient does not have to go out in public with their teeth removed during their healing period. Waiting is no longer needed as well as there will be no room to feel self-conscious.

An immediate denture will serve as a bandage to protect the tissues and minimize the bleeding. Installing an immediate denture after the extraction will allow the patient to feel at ease with it earlier. They can immediately adjust with the denture such as their way of speech now that a denture is in place.

Moreover, these dentures might be the best solution in case the patient has to undergo multiple teeth extraction.


Advantages of immediate dentures

  1. On the day of your extraction, you will have your new set of teeth right away—no need to suffer embarrassment.
  2. This type of denture is easier to make its shape, colour and arrangement similar to your natural teeth.
  3. Immediate dentures protect tissues at the extraction sites from irritation.
  4. This denture will help prevent changes of your facial structures like saggy skin at the cheek.
  5. You can immediately adjust using the dentures.


Disadvantages of immediate dentures

  1. There will be a need for several appointments in the first few months. The dentist has to check if there is a need for adjustment because of potential changes after the gums are completely healed.
  2. Relative to number one, immediate dentures have to be re-fitted, which means additional expenses for you.
  3. If there is a remaining tooth, this denture may not be able to fit in compared to a conventional denture.
  4. You will not be able to see how it will look on you since you still have your natural teeth in your mouth.


Cost of the immediate dentures

Just like any other dental treatments, several factors affect the cost of expense you have to pay. Being aware of the expenses ahead of time will help you prepare your resources. It would be best to provide an extra budget for it to ensure you have enough in case of sudden expenses related to your procedure.

Choosing this type of denture will require you to undergo several trials before it actually meets your exact fitting. Additionally, you will have to return to your dentist several times which will also add up to your expense.

Generally speaking, the cost of immediate dentures is more expensive than conventional cosmetic dentures. It is because of the additional time required for its construction.


What to expect after insertion of immediate dentures

smile after immediate denture insertionChoosing this denture will require you to keep it in place for 24-48 hours. It will allow the underlying tissues to adjust to the shape of your denture for better stability. Additionally, during this period, you might encounter bleeding. To address the bleeding, remove the denture and place a clean gauze on the treatment area for about 20 to 30 minutes.

You can do rinsing gently using cold water while the denture is in place for the first 24 hours. Afterwards, rinse with lukewarm water several times a day. This will help maintain cleanliness inside your mouth while in the healing process.

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