Relief Factor Reviews: Does It Work For Joint Pain?

relief factor verdicts

Do you wake up each morning thinking it will be another day of suffering from joint pain? If you see yourself in this situation very often, you’ve come to the right place. Today, many bone strengthening exercises are claiming to alleviate joint pain. The same also goes for supplements, one of which includes the Relief Factor. Reviews about this miracle product are all over the internet, but does it really swear by its promises? Let’s take a closer look at this all-natural herbal supplement to know more.


Relief Factor Review: An Overview

Arthritic joint discomfort has the ability to turn anyone’s active lifestyle into a nightmare, making day-to-day routines less exciting. The majority of the elderly resign to living with this condition. As we become older, our joints would begin to deteriorate, thus limiting our mobility. Our inability to move freely hinders us from doing what we want. It forces us to rely on others even for the simplest tasks. Luckily, after several innovations, scientists were able to create medicines that can support people get over the challenges of aging. In this Relief Factor review, we’ll talk about our experiences with the supplement, how we feel about its foreseeable future, and whether or not Relief Factor actually works.


What is Relief Factor?

The Relief Factor is currently one of the most widely used joint supplements on the market. Hundreds of favorable Relief Factor reviews can be found online, as well as dozens of websites touting the Relief Factor components list. But what exactly does this joint supplement do?

Relief Factor is an anti-inflammatory supplement made from organic plant extracts and fish oil. It helps relieve aches and pains associated with aging. The main goal is to decrease muscular and joint pain across various areas of the body.


What Are the Claims?

relief factor reviews resultsRelief Factor simply offers one promise: it will reduce joint discomfort caused by activity and aging. It should be helpful in relieving back, neck, knee, shoulder, and hip pain.

According to the manufacturer, this supplement addresses four metabolic pathways that assist in alleviating pain at its source. These substances change the expression of genes involved in the pain response.

The relief Factor is intended to be used over a long period since the firm believes that the product’s benefits will improve over time. However, the product does not mention anything about repairing connective tissues and strengthening your joints.


What are the Components of Relief Factor?

Now, let’s go through each component of the Relief Factor joint supplement one by one. We’ll discuss the necessary scientific information in each ingredient, whether we believe it helps with joint pain, and how we feel about the dosage. Afterward, we’ll discuss how we generally think about the formula as a whole.



Epimedium is a common component for most supplements, too. However, it is widely referred to as Horny Goat Weed. As far as we know, this ingredient has no influence on joint health.

According to consumers, Epimedium is said to help with joint discomfort. They even discuss the mechanism underlying the alleged advantages. However, we were unable to locate any substantial clinical trials that demonstrate the existence of its impact. So, we will ignore this theory until we see research confirming evidence that supports Epimedium in lessening joint discomfort.


Japanese Fleeceflower Root

Japanese Fleeceflower is also known as Japanese knotweed. It is a highly invasive weed that causes a great deal of concern for a lot of gardeners. The plant has the ability to grow so fast that it causes structural damages to your property before you even realize it.

We’re not sure of the reason that Japanese Fleeceflower root is included in Relief Factor. There is essentially no proof that it improves joint health in any way. Moreover, it has no history of usage as a common pain reliever in conventional medicine. Therefore, we have no reason to believe it may help with joint pain.


EPA and DHA (Omega-3 fatty acids)

Both EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids that are fundamental for our overall development and wellbeing. These are the two molecules that provide fish oil its health benefits. They also help to maintain excellent cardiovascular fitness and necessary for brain cell growth and maintenance. Likewise, they are essential for keeping joints healthy and functioning.

EPA and DHA are potent anti-inflammatory compounds. Large doses of EPA and DHA can help to decrease the swelling and inflammation that causes so a lot of joint discomfort. The amount we get from Relief Factor is a decent serving size, and the EPA/DHA ratio is also good.




ingredients relief factorTurmeric is a common component in joint supplements. It is likely to be included in every flexibility and mobility supplement on the market today. This is possible because of its constituent, curcumin. Curcumin uses in high doses will undoubtedly aid in the reduction of joint pain, particularly pain induced by inflammation. However, for turmeric to be truly effective, it must be taken correctly.

If turmeric isn’t coupled with piperine, the body will have a hard time absorbing it. Piperine boosts the absorption of curcumin by around 2000%. Therefore, it is essential to either mix these ingredients or takes a turmeric supplement with increased bioavailability. Although the curcumin concentrations are high, the turmeric in Relief Factor is just a regular type.



This is an anti-oxidant that has a lot of potentials. It boosts the immune system’s defenses and has anti-inflammatory effects as well. According to a research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, supplementing with this ingredient decreases the pain and inflammation of knee arthritis.


What Can We Say About the Formula?

We might be feeling a little skeptical if Relief Factor is capable of living up to all of its claims. The ingredients have numerous flaws that doubt whether or not this supplement will enhance joint function.

The use of entirely unknown, untested substances is our primary concern. We couldn’t discover any clinical research that shows how each component helps with joint health or flexibility. Most ingredients have never been examined as a possible joint supplement or any supplement for that case.

All things considered, we are still hopeful that Relief Factor proves to be a particularly effective joint supplement.


How Should You Take Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is available in packs of four. Everyone’s recommended dose will be different. Although, the company recommends starting with three packets each day and gradually reducing to two when your discomfort subsides. The product’s full effectiveness might take up to 5 weeks.


Are There Any Side Effects?

In general, the Relief Factor appears to be a safe joint supplement. It consists of plant powders, herbal extracts, and omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients are pretty much like nearly most of the natural joint supplements you can find in the market these days. Given this fact, there is no known negative information about these components. Scientists conduct clinical trials on each Relief Factor ingredient. The results show that components have only give minor concerns in which there are no signs of danger to one’s health.

Adverse effects from the product comes very rarely. However, an unexpected reaction still can take place. Of course, everyone is unique. Each of us has our own set of allergies, sensitivities, and nutritional needs. Cases of nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, nosebleeding and stomach cramps can happen. Nonetheless, these problems will eventually go away after you pause taking the medication.

Therefore, you must conduct thorough research and speak with a medical practitioner before using any joint supplement.


How Much Does Relief Factor Cost?

According to the Relief Factor website, a month’s supply costs around $93.95, including shipping and handling. You may, however, join the 3-Week QuickStart program and receive your first purchase for $19.95. This shipment proceed to a $79.95 monthly auto-ship program.

The Relief Factor does not offer a money-back guarantee. More so, the firm will only accept returns if the product is new and within 90 days after the initial purchase. Therefore, if Relief Factor fails to work for you, you’re out of luck and out of the money for your initial order. For us, the Relief Factor is relatively expensive in comparison to other joint health supplements.


What Do Other Consumers Have to Say?

relief factor reviews usersBefore you purchase this joint supplement, it’s a good idea to read a number of Relief Factor reviews written by real people.

It is never certain that all Relief Factor reviews are genuine or written by a real consumer. However, comments given online by consumers can offer us a decent sense of how each supplement works. User feedback can generally inform us if the supplement we are dealing with is worth its hype. So, we gathered user evaluations for Relief Factor and made our conclusions.

The Relief Factor draws a wide range of comments and insights. Other consumers claim to feel better in a matter of days. Meanwhile, others report slight or no relief. According to the company, about seventy percent of their clients come back for more because they are happy with the outcomes. However, there are also reviews that make this statement unlikely.


Are there any Alternatives to Relief Factor?

On websites like Amazon, you can buy various Cucurmin and anti-inflammatory pills containing comparable components as Relief Factor, all for a lot less cost. However, based on user feedback, they are generally ineffective at providing the comfort you need. This primarily boils down to how low you’re ready to go to avoid paying over-investing on Relief Factor.


Looking for Natural Ways To Relieve Joint Pain?

If you want to minimize joint discomfort without using supplements, you should try being more active. According to research, your muscles and joints will stay healthy if you move your body. Maintaining a healthy weight might help decrease joint tension and discomfort.

Adopting a diet or adjusting your eating habits may assist to naturally relieve muscular and joint pain. It is best to reduce your red meat and dairy consumption and focus on eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, research shows that switching to plant-based alternatives such as whole grains can help people with osteoarthritis, improve their functional levels, and reduce discomfort.


Our Verdict

Relief Factor is a one-of-a-kind product with a promising combination of natural substances, all of which showing improvements in joint health. From our perspective, the efficiency of the product appears to be for patients with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, there is no data to indicate a reduction in pain related to daily activities.

Frankly, the product is more expensive in comparison to other joint health supplements, especially if each dose requires a person to take two tablets a day for maximum effect. However, suppose you’re looking for a joint health supplement with a great mix of organic components. In that case, the Relief Factor could be worth a shot.


Wrapping It Up

final thoughts relief factorJoint pain can be caused by various factors, including accidents, genetics, and lifestyle choices. For most people, joint pain is just a part of the aging process, but it can also be due to injuries, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Regardless of the source, joint pain and inflammation may have a significant impact on your quality of life, which is why finding a quick and safe treatment is critical.

We placed Relief Factor in our list of top-performing joint supplements. Basing on our findings, it has proven to be a high-quality and reasonably priced product with numerous proven advantages.



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