Bone Strengthening Activities (Exciting Workouts For You And Friends)

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Bone-strengthening activities are essential routines to improve the power of the bones and prevent injuries. Strengthening exercises are known to have a high impact on maintaining an individual’s ability to stay physically able to perform heavy tasks. One thing about exercises is that you have to monitor your advancement, experts suggest that a Fitbit watch can track your progress.


Bone Functions In our Body

Our bones support every single organ in our body, it plays a vital role in keeping us physically capable of doing minimal to heavy daily tasks. It supports our muscles and highly participates in each of our movements. It helps us get through our daily work and responsibilities, may it be in the school or the office.


Bone-Strengthening Activities

Any kind of activity (regardless if it’s high impact or not), that provides a force on the bones and boost their strength and growth can be considered as a bone-strengthening exercise. Some of the most common exercises for the bone are walking, jumping, running, gymnastics, lifting, and almost all kinds of sports.

Let us discuss some activities one by one and see how each one of them can contribute to bone development.

  • Dancing. You will surely enjoy this activity most especially if you will do it with friends. This is a fun exercise that will improve your bone density preventing diseases related to the bones.
  • Running. Running can be a high impact or low impact exercise depending on the intensity you put into it. This is a bone-strengthening activity that boosts hip, legs, and lower spine bones.
  • Walking. As you can see, bone-strengthening activities do not have to be so extreme for you to execute properly. A simple walk in the park can already be considered as a bone exercise.
  • Hiking. Another fun way to enjoy your exercise is by hiking. Aside from its bone-strengthening benefits, it can also be a therapeutical activity to relax your mind and calm your inner self. Visit to get a tracker watch to accompany your hiking adventures.
  • Aerobics. If you are feeling like you are in the mood to do the groove then aerobics is the best option for you. This exercise will not only strengthen your bones but will also enhance your balance and agility.
  • Jumping rope. Jumping rope is a physical activity that improves bone density as well as coordination. This exercise can also help you burn calories.
  • strengthen bones with yogaYoga. Yoga is one of the few activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Seniors are encouraged to participate in yoga lessons to strengthen their bones, improve their balance and coordination, and help them reduce stress.
  • Weightlifting. Some people think that weightlifting is only for individuals who are aiming to gain muscles. But this activity is actually a complex exercise that benefits the bone the most. Check this link for weightlifting equipment.


Advantages of Having Strong Bones

We all want to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Sometimes, we even fantasize about the things that we want to do once we retired. But it would not be possible if you have to deal with bone issues when you get old. That is why it is highly recommended that we maintain our bones strength while we are still young and capable of vigorous exercises.

  1. Strong bones basically let us have a happy and great lifestyle. Without it, running, walking, and even simple activities such as doing house chores would be a burden for you.
  2. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis. When we reach the age of 35, our bone mass will gradually deteriorate and eventually put us at risk of osteoporosis. With strong bones, the risk can be reduced.
  3. It improves our performance. Whether you are an athlete or a worker who’s required to be physically strong to perform tasks, strong bones will essentially help you perform with full strength.

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