Breast Lift and Augmentation: Is A Chiropractic Session Safe After Surgery?

The woman is thinking about the decision she has to be made.

A breast lift and augmentation are two different procedures. Most women combine these two procedures to have an amazing result. Furthermore, some women are also considering to get chiropractic treatment after these procedures to have a good posture promoting their new attractive chest. So, is it safe to receive a chiropractic treatment after breast surgery? In this article, let’s find out the things you need to know about a breast lift, a breast augmentation, and a portion of chiropractic treatment on this uplifting body procedure. Go to Refine Clinic in Bondi to learn more about breast surgical procedures.


What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation also called as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to expand the bosom size. This type of plastic surgery includes inserting silicone or saline implants into the breast tissue to improve size, figure and volume.

For some women, breast augmentation is an approach to gain confidence. For other people, this procedure is part of reconstructing the breast for various conditions.


Reason to Get Breast Augmentation

The woman has the confidence to show off her body.There are many reasons why women consider breast augmentation. This plastic surgery may help you:

  • Improve how you look
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Enhance your breast size
  • Correct uneven breasts if you think your breasts are smaller than the other or after breast surgery for different conditions
  • Alter for a decrease in the size of your breasts after pregnancy or huge weight reduction


What to Know After the Procedure?

Swelling and soreness are to be expected for a few weeks after surgical procedure. Bruising is likely, as well. Anticipate that scars should blur after some time yet not vanish entirely.

While you are recovering, it may help use a compression wrap or sports bra for additional support and positioning of the implants. Your surgeon may recommend pain medication too.

Follow your doctor’s directions about getting back to activities. In case you do not have a physically demanding profession, you could get back to work within a few weeks. Abstain from strenuous movements, anything that could increase your heartbeat or blood pressure, for at least two weeks. While you are recuperating, be aware that your chests will be sensitive to physical contact. If you plan to get a massage or chiropractic treatment, wait at least eight weeks or after your full recovery.

Moreover, if you have warmth and soreness in your breast or have a fever, call your doctor right away. Contact your doctor also if you have chest pain or shortness of breath.


What is Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also called mastopexy, is another type of plastic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon to improve your breasts’ form. During this procedure, your surgeon will remove the excess skin and reshape the breast tissue to lift the breasts.

You may decide to get a breast lift if your breasts hang or your nipples point descending. This type of plastic surgery may likewise increase your self-image and self-confidence.

Remember that a breast lift will not altogether alter the size of your chests. In any case, many women get both breast lift and augmentation surgery. Sometimes, a surgeon performs a breast lift with a breast reduction surgery.


Reasons for Breast Lift Procedure

As you age, the body’s physical structure changes, including your breasts, losing elasticity and firmness. This physical change has several possible reasons, including:

  • Pregnancy. Ligaments that hold your breast might stretch during pregnancy as your breasts get bigger and heavier. Whether or not you breastfeed your baby after pregnancy, this stretching may add to droopy breasts.
  • Weight fluctuations. It can make your skin expand and lose elasticity, including your breast skin.
  • Gravity. It causes ligaments in the chests to stretch and hang, over time.

A breast lift procedure can lessen sagging and elevate the situation of the nipples and the darker zone encompassing the nipples. This procedure can likewise decrease the size of your nipple to keep them proportionate to the newly formed breasts.

To sum up, here are the following reasons you may consider a breast lift. These include:

  • Droopy breasts, if they lost shape and volume, or gotten flatter and more extended.
  • When your nipples fall underneath your breast creases or stretch out of proportion to your breasts
  • Uneven breasts, one falls lower than the other.

This procedure is not for everybody. In case you are considering pregnancy in the future, you may delay receiving a breast lift. This reason is that your breasts could stretch during pregnancy and offset the results of the procedure.

Breastfeeding is also a factor for your breast to sag. While nursing your baby is possible after the procedure, since you do not have separated nipples from the breast tissue, a few ladies may experience issues producing sufficient milk.

Although a surgeon can do a breast lift on any breasts size, females with smaller hanging breasts will probably have longer-lasting outcomes. Bigger bosoms are heavier, which makes them bound to sag again. If you are considering getting a breast lift and augmentation, talk to your doctor and get some advice.


What to Know After the Procedure?

After a breast lift, a doctor will probably cover your chests with dressing and a surgical support bra. Your surgeon may place small tubes at the cut parts in your breasts to drain any overabundance blood or fluid.

Your breasts will be inflamed and wounded for around two weeks. You will probably encounter pain and discomfort around the cuts, which will be red or pink for a couple of months. You will also experience numbness in your breast skin and nipples that may last for around a month and a half.

In the initial few days after the procedure, intake pain medication as prescribed by your physician. Abstain from stressing, twisting and lifting. Rest on your back or your side to keep pressure off your chests.

Keep away from sexual activity for at least one to two weeks following the breast lift procedure. Talk to your doctor when it is okay to get back to your daily activities like showering or bathing.

The woman loves the figure of her breasts.Keep on wearing the surgical support bra nonstop for three or four days. At that point, you will use a soft help bra for three or a month. Your doctor may recommend using silicone gel or tape on your cuts to advance healing.

During your healing period, avoid getting into the sun or cover your cuts during sun exposure. Wait for your full recovery before getting other physical treatment like chiropractic.


Breast Lift and Augmentation Work Together

It is getting progressively well known for women to combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation procedure.

Females who have children profit the most from this joined methodology due to the enormous changes their bodies go through during and after pregnancy. It is usual for moms to encounter a loss of figure and volume after conceiving an offspring and breastfeeding. This event makes most women consider a breast lift plus augmentation to rebuild their breasts’ fullness and firmness.


Chiropractic Treatment After Breast Surgery

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the connection between the function and structure of the body, primarily the spine. Generally, chiropractic doctors, termed as chiropractic physicians or chiropractors, use a sort of hands-on treatment called manipulation or adjustment. Most patients frequently consider chiropractic treatment to treat musculoskeletal conditions or complications with the joints, bones, muscles, and connective tissue like ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

Generally, chiropractic treatment can help improve your posture preventing to develop any musculoskeletal problems. Women who undergo breast surgery may also consult a chiropractor to improve and maintain the result of their treatment.

If you get a breast lift and augmentation, wait at least eight weeks or after your full recovery to receive chiropractic treatment. Your body can be sensitive to physical touch at that time and needs to avoid straining it. Ruptured breast implants are rare. But if you have any concerns or worries, contact your doctor to check if your body is ready to undergo regular activity like getting chiropractic treatment.

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